Animal Farm

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In novel Animal Farm by George Orwell the three leaders of the farm are pigs. The pigs go by the names of Snowball, Squealer, and Napoleon. Although they have very different personality traits, the way in which they are inspired to lead the farm is the same. Their leadership begins when another pig Major, a prize-winning boar, gives a speech to all the animals in the barn about a dream that he had. He dreamt that all animals lived together with no human beings to control them. He explains to them that they should all work toward this dream so that they could live in a paradise. After he teaches the animals a song that graphically describes this dream, the animals are enthused about it. Unfortunately, Major dies three nights after giving the speech. Since the younger pigs, Snowball, Squealer, and Napoleon, were so struck by his dream, they decide to make his thoughts into a philosophy called Animalism.

This is how the three pigs become leaders.

Snowball is a young pig that is very intelligent. He is very concerned in making life better for all the other animals. He teaches them animals how to read, and is very passionate about it. He wins the loyalty of the others by doing this and really cements his power and ideas into their heads. This proves that he is indeed a very intelligent pig. Although Snowball is intelligent he often quarreled with his counterpart Napoleon. For example, he threw out his idea to the other animals about creating an electricity-generating windmill. Napoleon however, strongly opposes the plan. At the vote, Snowball gives a long speech about how he feels this windmill will better the farm, while Napoleon retorts with a brief subtle statement. After this, Napoleon is mad at Snowball.