Animal Testing

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It is a dark stormy night when suddenly the phone rings. I casually answer the telephone. It

is my older sister informing me that our mother is in the hospital. She is going to need an emergency

brain transplant. It takes me just a moment to drop everything I am doing and rush to the hospital.

When I arrive I see my father and sister in the waiting room casually enjoying their conversation. I am

amazed they could have such high spirits at such a time. As I begin to confront them on this, they

inform me that this is merely a routine brain transplant. They reinforce that very few die from the

actual transplant. I become immediately relieved as a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

Animal testing is an issue in today's society that, whether anyone realizes it, does affect each

of us. Such as transplants, vaccines, and medicine.

Nearly each and every one of us today have

received vaccine shots. We have all used medications. We have all heard of transplant technology.

This above example I have used is farfetched. Brain transplants are not an everyday occurrence. They

are not yet, at least. However, kidney and heart transplants are beginning to become a more and

more common every day. Who knows what is possible with the proper research. Today there are a

great deal of people who oppose animal testing in laboratory research. This is limiting our medical

capabilities . Could we be holding ourselves back from medical breakthroughs such as a cure for

cancer or AIDS? Animal testing is already controlled to a great extent. Many cats and dogs are killed

annually by shelters and pounds. Animal testing is not as cruel as it is portrayed and is an essential to

reaching medical breakthroughs.