Animal Testing

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Daniella Almanza

Writing and Rhetoric

Animal Testing Is Wrong

Animal testing is a common scientific practice in major industries such as the cosmetic and medicinal industries. Animals are stripped of their rights and are forced to participate in cruel and inhumane experiments just to test out different products. When compared to human DNA, the only animals that have similar DNA are chimpanzees (99% alike) and mice (98% alike). Animal testing should be discontinued because of inaccurate results, inhumane animal treatment, and there are new ways to test different products and chemicals.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there was a public outbreak when people started to find out that the products they enjoyed using everyday were being brutally tested on animals. Large numbers of people lobbied their Members of Parliament and demanded that laws be passed to stop the cruelty occurring. Because of the riots, companies adopted their own voluntary code and decided to stop animal testing.

Thankfully in 1993, European Parliament passed legislation to control use of animals in the cosmetics industry. The legislation passed banned the testing of products on animals, banned the testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals, and banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals in Europe. (Lush)

Animal testing is rarely performed with the comfort of the test subjects in mind. Rats, for example, live in cramped cages usually no larger than a shoebox. Larger animals such as dogs, cats, or even monkeys, are in small cages with no chance to stretch out their legs and at least run around. Additionally, animals are frequently tested for reasons that do not pertain to the safety of human beings in any way. Experiments that revolve around the field of biochemistry involve administration of pain only to see what changes are produced in the brain. The animals put...