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Anne Bradstreet was a feminist puritan who fought hard to be one of the first published female poets in America. She was a mother of seven or eight and happily married to her husband who was a governor. Anne of course, as a puritan, believed and worshiped her god. Anne, also being an equality fighter , spoke up about the unfair rules towards women of her time.

There were many hardships being a puritan woman in the 1700's. Though, not only Anne faced hardships, every puritan woman had the same rules enforced upon them. These hardships included the right that their husbands owned everything. Land, contracts, and even their children. Another thing was that they had to dress properly. If dressed improperly they would be stripped down and whipped. Many other unfair and unequal rules were placed before them as well.

In the 1700's writing poetry was looked down on due to the fact that you are spending this time not worshiping God.

Anne got around this by encrypting bible versus within her poems. Though she talked on about how her love for her husband was that of her love to God, she was still able to pass by the standards and continue writing. She used a special type of literature to have her poem say one thing but mean another. Secret meanings in her poems is what gave her the ability to say what she truly desired without being a sinner.

When Anne was creating and trying to show confidence in her own work by showing them off she was not eagerly supported. Her own husband shook his head at her. But Anne kept pushing and writing. She was determined to get her the title of first published female poet. She fought loneliness and depression, especially when her husband...