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download word file, 7 pages 0.0 The first Women?s rights meeting held in Seneca Falls New York (1848) 70 years would pass before the right to vote was granted during and after the civil war the fight weakened Julia Ward Howe & Lucy Stone are the founders of the American Woman Suffrage Association They accepted men as members, worked for black suffrage (the 15th Amendment), and worked for women Suffrage state-by-state Elizabeth Cady Stanton w/ Lucretia Mott called the Seneca Falls meeting They with Susan B. Anthony founded the National Woman Suffrage Association Only women could be members , they opposed the 15th Amendment(because citizens were then clearly stated as men), and worked for a national Amendment for woman Suffrage The growing women?s Club movement gave women the organization skills to aid in the suffrage battles.

Suffrage was won by the political organizing, education, and the background and lives of the women leaders The woman from the Women?s suffrage movement after accomplishing women's suffrage, moved on to aiding the peace movement after 1920

Susan B. Anthony- was born ion Feb. 15 1820 and died March 13, 1906 She was teacher and a headmistress, at 29 she got into the abolitionism, and met Elizabeth Cady StantonElizabeth Cady Stanton was the writer and ?idea? person, while Susan was the speaker and dealt with the most criticism In 1872 she attempted to prove that the constitution already allowed women to vote, to prove this she held a test vote in Rochester New York, she was arrested and fined(but was never forced to pay it) In 1900 she resigned her position and began working on a book with Stanton and Carrie Chapman Catt The History of Women Suffrage.

In 1979 Susan B. Anthony was put on the new dollar coin EVALUATION: This source was a basic overview...