Answers from the book "Go Ask Alice".

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Question : Describe a conflict involving a main character and explain the outcome of the conflict.

Response :

The main character in this book is called Alice. Her conflict through out the whole book is that she has a substance abuse problem. Over the length of a couple of years she has experimented with every type of drug that she could get her hands on. On the lighter side of the situation this causes her to be very moody at times and very emotional. On the more serious side of the problem it causes her to run away from home time after time for months on end. During these times she is raped on various occasions and she learns about and tries new drugs constantly. Alice wants to stay clean, but every time that she tries she only gets sucked deeper into the world of drugs. Deep down she knows what she has to do.

She needs to quit and she turns to her family for support. They give her all the support that she needs and she manages to stay clean for a very long period of time. She goes to counseling for people with drug addiction problems, she sees a psychiatrist regularly, and attempts to stay away from all the places and situations where she knows she may be tempted. Unfortunately at the end of the book she dies of an overdose. It was never know if it was intentional (suicide), if it was a mistake on her part, or a murder.

Question : Discuss a terrible or frightening event or circumstance that a character dealt with and explain how the character's life was affected by his or her difficult experience.

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In the book Go Ask Alice, the main character, Alice, is raped on...