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New life bursting forthrefreshed from winter's slumberrejoicing in spring.

Sun toasted touristsfully oiled and close to doneSweating out summerThe wind blows past meScattered falling leaves aboundvisiting autumnthe snow dusts my hairIcy northern winds do blowSurviving winterAbout someone in my classLanky but likeableImpressive soccer playerAdmirably smartMilitary fitEvil geniusGunman aimAnd he’sNormally brilliantSoccerQuirky KicksSliding Sideways SlowlyLeaping Lightly Though AirGliding Gracefully For Winning GoldHolidayBang BangFlick the SwitchThe End Is NearLucky it’s Only a GameWarYelling ScreamingDeath around CornersThe End Is NearThis Is Not a GameSchoolIs GayTiring WorkNo One Likes ItBut Mates And Friends ToHelp You ThroughYour Long schoolDay IsGayPetsAre CoolAlthough TheyPoo Everywhere TheyAre Awesomely GoodFriends To youAlso VeryKindOldPeopleAre Wise AndSmart All At TheSame Time, Telling GreatAnd Wacky StuffWars WhichAren’tFunThere was a small boy from our schoolwho didn’t know how to be coolHe wore disco pantsWhile trying to danceand then picked his nose with a tool.

Based the VendettaThere once was a lady who lived on a cliffShe lived with her son and bitchShe swore a vendetta against NicholasBecause he killed my son the bitchShe starved the dog to kill himTo rip his neck off his shouldersTo get revenge for her sonTo take the pressure away from her foldersAs she stared out at the seaShe saw the ghost of her sonFrom far away in the distanceNow the battle was wonNow that the bitch was deadAll she had set out to do was doneNow the dread was out of her headNow she could have some fun