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Affirmative Action was first used in 1965 by the Johnson Administration in passing executive order 11246. It stated that contractors being paid with public funds must hire employees "without regard to their race, color, religion, sex or national origin" (US Department of Labor). Affirmative Action has been expanded to include college admissions and more regulations concerning government contracts. These new expansions in the program apply the use of quotas and preferential treatment. Minority applicants get special boosts based on their race when they apply for jobs or college. This is a gross violation of civil rights and is just a different shade of government discrimination.

Let's use an example to illustrate how Affirmative Action works. Many colleges use a point system to determine eligibility for acceptance in which certain factors such as grades, sports, and SAT scores create a cumulative score. Two students, A and B, are being considered for admittance into a university.

Student A and B are equal in all aspects. They went to the same high school, got the same grades, and participated in the same extracurricular activities. Student A is black and Student B is white. Some schools which use Affirmative Action practices give minority students extra points for the color of their skin. In situations of stiff competition, Student A would win over Student B in the tough admittance process.

The policies used by some colleges are more insidious than the simple point system described above.

"Consider the following University of Michigan statistic: a black applicant in the lowest tenth percentile of grades and test scores has an 88 percent chance of admission, while a white student of the same ranking has a four percent chance -- Asians even less. How is this disparity conducive to achievement or uplift? Somebody please tell me why it...