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10/27/14 Comment by Patrick Snow: Be sure to include a descriptive title.

Antigone Tragic Flaws

Have you ever wondered what shapes person characteristics? A person's character is always determined by morals and their experience with life. In the play Antigone the character Antigone experiences conflict with Creon who's the antagonist. Conflict arises because of the death of her brother and she is accused of breaking the law because she buries her brother. Other characters in the play disagree with Antigone's action, however opinions don't stop Antigone. Antigone is the tragic hero who is tragically flawed because of her love for oyalty to her brother this is demonstrated though her actions, the characters and her moral judgment. Comment by Patrick Snow: Starting with an attention grabber or two may strengthen the introduction. Comment by Patrick Snow: The thesis is present.

Perhaps modifying "loyalty" somehow would help since most people do not see this trait as a flaw. Also, more precision is needed in the key points. It isn't clear what "the characters" means here.

One way Antigone displays loyalty is through her actions . actions. Antigone explains to Ismene which is her sister the reasoning of burying their brother. Their deceased brother Eteocles was buried with military honors and Creon gave him a soldier's funeral. However their other brother Polyneices wasn't as fortune. Antigone says "They say that Creon was sworn no one shall burry him; and the penalty stoning to death". Despite the penalty Antigone does not care because she tells Ismene if she is a real sister or traitor. This confirms Antigone is going to bury her brother for sure and avenge her brother.

In addition, Antigone represents family through the characters because she is loyal to her...