Antinious One of the Leadors Of the 'Suitors' in "The Odyssey"

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Antinous is the leader of ‘The Suitors’ who invaded Odysseus’ palace while he is away and sought to marry Penelope. He is especially notorious for his violence, brutality, pride and hard-heartedness.

The story of Homer’s version of ‘The Odyssey’ is introduced with the goddess Athena pleading to the King of the Gods also known as Zeus, to help Odysseus be freed from the island inhabited by the sea nymph Calypso. Calypso has been keeping Odysseus captive on her island for the past nine years in hope of making Odysseus her husband.

During this same time miles away on the island of Ithaca, is the palace of Odysseus. For the past three years the palace has been overrun by a group of noble men known as ‘The Suitors’. ‘The Suitors’ have heard of Odysseus’ absence and out of ambition have travelled to Ithaca to seek Odysseus’ wife Penelope for her hand in marriage.

However because of her great faith in her relationship with her husband she believes that he is still alive and would one day return to her. In the beginning ‘The Suitors’ all 108 of them, were initially independent of each other, working by themselves to earn Penelope’s love each in their own special way. However the story is clear that during the time of their stay it became apparent that there are two strong individuals who would end up being the contenders for Penelope’s hand in marriage. ‘The Suitors’ could be described as a ‘wolf pack’ due to the fact that they are working together to achieve one aim or make their kill. Once a king was chosen the others would earn credit for their support. Penelope has the choice of any of them but Antinous and Eurymachus are well described as the leaders...