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Antonia's Line

Antonia's Line was directed by Marleen Gorris in 1995. This was a wonderful film portraying a woman's world in an unlikely place and time where liberal views and feministic qualities prosper. The exaggerated characters beam bringing light to the film and each other. Regardless of the despairing incidents and gloomy conditions, love and laughter still prevail throughout. Antonia and her magnificent line of empowering women are a great example of what women want today. We want love, laughter, respect and dignity, and the power to choose who we share all of these things with. These women were not afraid to ask for or at times, take what they wanted regardless of consequence. They resembled men much in the way they viewed sex, procreation, comradery and the basic conventions life. I would love it if all women were able to handle sex and love as these women did; to be able to separate sex from love.

Because they are not the same thing, but when women view them separately we are looked down upon by men. When a woman sleeps with a man purely for procreation she is deemed a sinner and evil. The preset of family is reorganized but still held together, stronger than most families I know today, by acceptance. I loved this film. I loved the idea that no matter what, if you have love and family, everything will be ok. I love the idea that women are powerful and beautiful enough to do whatever they want (even in 1945). I love that women can view sex just like most men and still be respected in the community rather than be viewed as invalids. The men are the feet of the women craving the approval this time and the women are taking care of eachother instead...