Antonio Ricci Against John Wayne

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-Antonio Ricci Against John Wayne-

If we want to compare Italian Neorealism and Classical Hollywood Cinema, we must know them in detail and their characteristics. Italian Neorealism is movement that was active in the years between 1944 and 1952 which is a period after the World War II. Topics were mostly poverty, daily life and it's challenges and post-war life in Italy. Cast was mostly selected from nonprofessional actors who have no acting experience. Films were shot outside the studios since they were damaged at war. On the other hand, when we look at the Classical Hollywood Cinema, we see quite the opposite. Hollywood movies are mostly about beating an obstacle or a challenge and happy endings. In addition, Hollywood cinema is well known with the famous actors and actresses. At last, of course Hollywood movies are shot in big studios not in streets. With these information and through one of the most famous Italian Neorealism movie example Bicycle Thieves (1948), I am going to try to give the differences between Italian Neorealism and Classical Hollywood Cinema in details.

First of all, the most distinct difference between these two cinema is the ends of films. In Italian Neorealist films, characters never get their happy endings. In Bicycle Thieves (1948) we see our main character Antonio Ricci and his family in a desperate mode after the war. When they finally get a chance to recover, Antonio's bicycle gets stolen and they suddenly lost their hope again. These neorealist films are mostly about poverty because it reflects the condition of Italy after war. On the contrary, Classical Hollywood films have almost always a happy ending at the end. This happy ending may be about a love story or victory of good guys and defeat for bad guys. In other...