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Similarities and Differences Between Native American Cultures

Native Americans are indigenous peoples that lived throughout the continent for

thousands of years before the Europeans began exploring the "New World" circa the 15th

century. Native American literature and speeches often reveal many similarities with other

peoples and cultures, as well as containing information that confirms their own distinct culture

and identity. "Speech of Logan" and "Speech of Red Jacket," both anguished speeches

presented by Native American leaders who faced opposition during America's westward

expansion, demonstrate many similarities and also differences between the two cultures, in

addition to enclosing key facts that expose universal characteristics about Native Americans.

There are many differences between "Speech of Logan" and "Speech of Red Jacket." First,

"Speech of Logan" is in third person and expresses a less educated tone than that of Red

Jacket's speech, which is in the first person and appears more fluid and articulate.


in "Speech of Logan," Logan does not call his people "red" like Red Jacket does several

times. This is a white man's term. Third, Logan's speech does not contain any religious or

spiritual reference, but Red Jacket's does. For example, Red Jacket states, "It was the will

of the Great Spirit that we should meet together..." and "The Great Spirit...created the

buffalo, the deer, and other animals for food" and "...the Great Spirit will protect you on

your journey". Fourth, in "Speech of Logan," Logan ironically takes revenge on the whites

for their actions, whereas in "Speech of Red Jacket," no such counteraction is taken, he

seeks peace through verbal resolution. Lastly, the basis for the two speeches is completely

different. "Speech of Logan" pertains to the murderous actions taken by Col. Cresap, while

"Speech of Red Jacket" is a response to the...