Apollo 11 And Its Crew

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Apollo 11 was a big event that happened in 1969. This is a report on the trip itself and its crew that made it all happen. The Apollo 11 spacecraft was manned by Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Eugene Aldrin.

Neil Armstrong was born on August 5, 1930. As a kid, he had dreams of floating in mid-air by holding his breath. He never knew that he would even go higher into space (Life Special Edition 1969).

After the age of 9, he became obsessed with all kinds of aircrafts. He grew up as the oldest of three children, the others being Viola and Stephen Armstrong. During his life, he earned the Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts. He got his flying license when he was 16, which meant that he got it even before his driving license. He said that it was more important for him to fly than drive (Encyclopedia Britanica 574) Armstrong went to Purdue University to study aeronatical engineering.

There, he met Janet Shearen and later married her and had two sons named Ricky and Mark. From there, he went to flight training school in Pensacola and later was sent to fly Panther jets in the Korean War where he was awarded three air medals (Life Special Edition 1969).

In 1962, Armstrong joined the space program. He went up on Gemini 8 as well as Apollo 11. He resigned from the space program in 1971. He is known to be the most enigmatic and intense astronaut of all time (Life Special Edition 1969).

From there Armstrong was a Professor in Cincinnati and an oilfield equipment chairman. He stays active in society because on April 6, 1999, I saw him throw the first pitch at an Astros vs. Cubs Baseball game (Encyclopedia Britanica 574).