Arab Israeli Conflict

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The topics include: -History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: -The Arab-Israeli Conflict Today: -US Involvement: -US Intervention and Policy: -Solutions to the Arab-Israeli Conflict: -Bibliography: =========== History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The roots of the Middle East conflict can be traced back to the destruction of the second temple in 70 AD. The Jews were forced from their homeland and encountered considerable oppression as they attempted to settle into Europe and Russia. During this period of wandering, Muhammad founded Islam. Islam was to become a strong religion that would dominate Middle Eastern culture even today.

When the Jews started to return to their homeland, now known as Palestine, tensions emerged from the great cultural schism between the Muslim and Jewish faiths. The Jews claimed Palestine as theirs because it was their homeland, but the Arabs argued that nearly 2000 years had elapsed since Jews had lived there, so the claim was illegitimate.

In 1890, people began to support the idea that a Jewish homeland should be constructed in Palestine, this became known as the Zionist movement. In 1917 the Zionist movement had enough momentum that Britain announced the Balfour Declaration which pledged support for a homeland in Palestine. By 1947, Arab opposition had grown and fermented until it had become hate and war.

The United Nations had voted to partition Palestine, but civil war undid all that the UN had accomplished. On the 14th of May in 1948, the nation of Israel was declared. The land that Israel acquired was almost what the UN had envisioned, but the land for Palestine was annexed by neighboring countries. The Palestinian people were left without a homeland. This war, known...