Arab Women Freedom and The Dress Code : case study of women in Lebanon, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia

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Since their creation, human beings are trying to evolve and to make their lives better. In fact, human rights help people over the world to have easy life and to be respected by others. If we think more deeply about the human rights, we notice that people need the same rights since they have the same requests and tend to have the life that anyone would like to have. Actually, the people who are not recognized in their nation as being members in the society are those who claim to acquire some rights to be as the same level as the others. Indeed, women for example are often underestimated and don't have the respect that they should have. That is to say that if women are sometimes lacking in terms of rights concerning their freedom because if women in developed countries profit from this right and tend to do whatever they want without any pressure, the others in other cultures don't have the same chance.

When taking the example of the Arab world, we see that women are still fighting for a minimum of rights. Due to the mentalities, men don't accept to give them some basic rights that they are supposed to have without any problem. Actually, due to the major problems that the Arab world countries have and due to their underdevelopment and the illiteracy, women don't find the right way to impose their rights. Even if we notice that women in some Arab countries have acquired some rights like dressing as they want, we see that it is not the case for the entire Arab world. In fact, since in certain countries, women are still obliged to hide their faces, can we talk about the freedom of Arab women?

In purpose, we see that there are some...