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Many times in life young boy's experience a desire for girls, which causes an incurable urge to impress. Nevertheless something usually goes wrong as in the story of "Araby" which leaves these young knights lifeless. The young boy in Araby wants nothing more than to impress a young girl which he watches uncontrollebly every morning.

This young girl like mnost have no idea of her obsesser, and casually visits with him periodically. The converstion which gives the young boy a chance to prove that he is the coolest or to fet him notices is on a bizarre, which she can't attend. This young boy decides he will attend for he and bring her something from the bizarre which will the prove his desire for her. Before realization that this may be a disaster waiting to happen, he promptly starts to plan his escapade to the bizarre which not only will he have the time of his life he will gain girl of his life.

With much anticipation of the bizarre he clears it with his Aunt who would most likely be the only factor which could disrupt his clearly most important day of his life. After a quick answre of yes from his aunt his life began until it ended on the night of the bizarre.

The evening of the bizarre this young boy anxiously anticipated the arrival of this uncle whom as it turned out had total control of his night. As time went by the boy grew anxious gor his life was dependant on attenting that bizarre. Once his uncle arrived he asked him for money answer ruined his night. His uncle had forgotten to get money for him so he would be unable to attend this bizzare. Extremely distrot the he left fo rthe bizarre anyways hopping to catch a glimpse of his claim to fame in that young girls eye.