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English exam:

Artists represent issues and ideas through visual language, reflecting on certain cultural identities through an active engagement with the environment and a strong sense of place. Hossein Valamanesh reflects an interest in cultural identity through an active engagement with the environment and a strong sense of place. Janet Laurence explores the interconnections of life forms and ecologies, exploring the impacts humans have on the natural world. Both artists use a combination of media, techniques and work methods effectively convey strong meaning in relation to nature, portraying a unique visual language specifically evident through their diverse choices of materials.

Hossein Valamanesh explores his ideas through visual metaphors and symbolism, working mainly with installations and sculptures to represent his ideas, the core of his art lying in the relationship between humans and the natural world and a sense of place informed by cultural history and personal memory, working predominantly through the cultural frame.

Valamanesh draws on Iranian culture, heavily inspired by Persian poetry and Sufi Philosophy embodying his own memories of Iran through personal responses with reoccurring references to his twin heritages of his homeland and Australia, using symbolism within his works through the use of the four elements, earth, water, fire and air and combining them with simple objects. In 'Longing belonging', a photograph of a Persian carpet burning in the Australian desert scrubland, Hossein shows through the unlikely event of the burning of a carpet in an improbable place the desires and disjunctions of finding ones identity in a new land and having to integrate into a foreign and alien landscape. The eroded lands of the Australian desert and the often very dry landscape of Iran are defiantly not the same but for Valamanesh they hold similarities, many elements within his works opening up play of the imagination,