Arthur Joseph Rooney and his effects on Pittsburgh, and their Steeler fans.

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Arthur Joseph Rooney

Arthur Rooney Sr. founded the Pittsburgh Steelers Football franchise on nothing more than the winnings from a horse race, was a kind man and loved by all. He was a gentle man, who was nice to everyone around him. He was a man that cared more about the welfare of others than his own. Mr. Rooney was truly an exceptional person. With that being said, he will always be remembered.

Arthur J. Rooney was born on January 27, 1901, the son of Irish Catholic Immigrants from Newry, County Down. He was, however was born in Coultersville, Pennsylvania. He attended Duquesne Prep during his high-school years. He later went on to graduate from Duquesne University. "My mother's people were all coal miners and my father's people were all steel workers," said Mr. Rooney. But that certainly didn't pull his family apart.

Art Rooney, like a lot of the children of his generation, was very active physically.

He once said "It was a rough neighborhood, in a way, but in those days kids were on the playground from the time the sun came up to the time it came down." Growing up, Mr. Rooney's family was far from being "advantaged", despite the fact that his father owned a saloon. Art and the rest of his family lived on the second floor of the building that housed the saloon. Interestingly, that very piece of property would be part of the site on which Three Rivers Stadium would be built.

It was a dreadful day on August 25, 1988, the day Mr. Rooney passed away. All that knew him were very upset. One of the County Commissioners at the time, Tom Foerster, said "Normally you introduce the mayor of any city as that city's number one citizen. But everyone knew Mr.