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Joann Vera

Written Communication Workshop

Jorge Traslaviña


Can you imagine a possible life in world without electricity?

Have you ever thought about our life if for any reason the electricity is over all around the world? It is possible to imagine, the perfect example is when there are problems with electricity due to nature factors, and is necessary to cut it during one or even more days, the chaos is immediately. There are many activities and resources that were made based on electricity, just ask yourself, how many things are working in your house with electricity, many, isn't it? Sadly, if we talk about electricity, we mean technology, so, if we talk about no technologies we mean disadvantages, and start a new era using natural resources only, the possible end of the world for some people.

The possible problems that we could have without electricity are mainly related to technologies, it means no phones, no computers, no radio and television, no communication as we have nowadays, the medicine would change and people connected at hospitals would be seriously affected, that people literally live with electricity.

Countries would fall into fights, due to the increase of food and other sources of energy, people would be uncontrollable.

Otherwise, our life would depend on the use of natural recourses such as craft and petrol, but negative factors will complicate even more our life with or without electricity just with the use of these fuels, the consumption of fossil fuels has tripled since 1960(1), it leads to the end of these recourses and do not forget the significant environmental impacts (greenhouse gases and wastes). Thermal power plants in 2003 produced 144,918,000 kWh and the consumption of oil has increased 2% (3.600 millions tons) and the United States consume a total of 895...