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Consequences of Hurricanes

A hurricane is a storm that has very strong and fast winds, that's moves over water. Hurricanes which occur in the tropical country causes big dangers in the society.

Hurricanes in Cuba occur almost every year are affect many provinces, that causes many social damages for example the threes fell, the ground erotion and many people are left homeless.

First, when the trees felled, many animal lose their habitat, this occurs due to the large accumulation of water in the soil. Secondly, the hurricanes in Cuba affect the ground erotion, because the water carries much land caused by heavy rains and winds for example, in Cuba in 2006 more than a third of provinces was affected by erotion because it is a very mountainous area.

Also, in Cuba many people live with out theirs homes after the one hurricane. This is because the huricanes are very strong for example, in 2006 more than 10 families lost their homes, that occur in one small town.

In conclusion, hurricanes are a natural phenomenon that cause many damage to many countries.