Assess the significance of German Naval Expansion during the period 1897-1905 in the World in 1900.

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German Naval Expansion during the period 1897-1905, consisted principally of the construction of battleships designed to fight Great Britain in the North Sea. The First and Second Navy Bills, which were passed in 1898 and 1900 respectively, provided for the initial expansion of the German Imperial Navy. Internally, the expansion of the German Navy contributed to the sustainment of the German monarchy and the stability of the German economy. Externally it promoted "Germanism" overseas, in a hope of renewing a fierce loyalty among the numerous German immigrants around the world. The expansion of the German Navy impacted upon many powers around the world, however it most directly affected Britain. The Germany Naval expansion was the principal cause of the deterioration of Anglo-German relations. The changes in the relations between these two powers, indirectly affected many other powers including France and Russia.

At the beginning of the 20th Century there were millions of people of German origin scattered overseas as the result of large scale emigration from Germany during the early to mid 19th century.

Germany envied the sense of nationalism that Englishmen living round the globe possessed for Great Britain. Grand Admiral Von Tirpitz, wrote in his memoirs that:

"every Englishmen became almost as a matter of course an agent of the 'Foreign Office' as soon as English interests were at stake" .

Tirpitz believed that a strong German Navy would help increase pride in the German Empire, and indeed it played a significant role in doing so, both overseas and within Germany. Tirpitz commented:

"Our (countries official) representatives never gave the matter (of keeping alive German interests abroad) anything but the most perfunctory attention...I must say of the navy that it was on average much more zealous in linking up German sentiment and instilling into it pride of...