Assessment and Intervention

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Running Head: Assessment and Intervention


Assessment and Intervention

Kelly Jo Dickinson

ECE 354: Assessment and Intervention

Instructor: Laura Carlee

June 2, 2014

Assessment and Intervention

Assessments test contains administering and interpreting psychological tests, these tests are then integrated with current and past symptoms, observations, information about biological, social, educational development.

Name of assessments: Formative assessment and summative modes of assessment

Age range: 6 months - 3 years

Purpose: These are done to administer infants and young children psychology


Educational assessment begins with the obtaining children profile including strengths and weaknesses, when this assessment test is carried on young children, a counselor can be assigned to determine academic potential, collect observational interview data, and can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child.

There are two types of tests achievement tests and aptitude tests, achievement tests are done to determine child's academic strengths and weaknesses, the aptitude tests are tests conducted to check intelligence and the standardized test that is designed to measure the ability of a person to develop skills or acquire knowledge, when both of these test are compared, its achievement scores tells the difference between child's actual performance and child's ability to perform, this difference indicates a learning disability diagnosis, with the help of these tests scores, educational assessment program can be developed to fill this gap.

Two assessments modes are formative assessment and summative modes of assessment. Formative assessment mode is a self-reflective process used by young children to promote their attainment level, summative assessment mode is an education and training process used by children to evaluate learning. It also helps to evaluate teaching process, selection decisions for admitting students, diagnosing learning difficulties and meeting the needs of students with special needs.

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) is established to...