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Week 4: Coaching Summary Report

LDR6120: Developing Bench Strength

Submitted by

Prapatsorn Ratanasait

Presented to

Prof. John Ellsworth

July 27, 2014

College of Professional Studies

Northeastern University

Nowadays, coaching is a very important skill for leaders of the future. To build many great leaders, we need great coaching as well. Coaching can represent in many roles whether boss and employee, parent and child, teacher and student, or some other relationships. From my own experience, besides challenged to lead a team from the previous course, I would like to talk about myself and my younger brother. We are always arguing when we have a discussion together. When he was in a last year of high school. He came to me for asking for my advice. He was confused about studying in public university or private university. At that time, I did not know how to coach someone in an effective way.

I just told him that I knew why he wanted to study in private university even if in Thailand, people who graduate from public university have more job opportunities. I complained my brother because he wanted to study in private university because of his friends are going to study there. However, that was not what my brother wanted from me, as I acted just like my mother and did not give others alternatives for him but just complained. According to textbook, "When parents become frustrated because the child is not doing what the parents want, they rarely look at their own contribution to the equation." (p.17). After that, he did not want to discuss anything with me because he did not like the way I treated him. So, I lose trust from him even if I should encourage him because I experienced that moment before and I knew exactly what...