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Introduction:There are many things that Microsoft has done to be successful in the industry they are in but there are other things that they have done to make themselves unsuccessful. Microsoft has had many ups and downs since they were founded in 1975. They started out with MS-DOS, then they made MS Word, then to replace MS-DOS was Windows, then the upgrade from just Word came MS Office, then to replace Windows came Windows 95 then Windows 98 then Windows XP and now where they are having some trouble is Windows Vista. They have been successful with almost every product that they have came out with but like everyone know it takes a few years for them to work out all of the bugs.

Decision Making:Certain individuals in organizations make the decisions. There are many ways that decisions are made in organizations. But most decisions that are significant are made by judgment rather than rationally.

Microsoft has made some bad decisions over their long time period of being around. They used to be the leader in the computer industry but over the last couple of years they have made major downturn in being a leader in the industry. Instead of spending money on playing dirty in the industry it should have been spent on making a better product rather than talking bad about other companies and/or people. Microsoft has always been good at controlling the media and the public but now the games that they have played are over. Everyone is starting to see where Microsoft is headed and they are not sure if it is going to a good place for them. The public needs a leader for an industry now supporting billions of computers, but Microsoft is not that leader. It's a gigantic and often grotesque follower (Dvorak,