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Islam, meaning to be submissive or to submits to God's will. The founder of the Islam religion was Muhammad. In the six century he had receive a revelation from the angel Gabriel who recited god's word to him at irregular intervals. The basic message that Muhammad got was that all Arabs should surrender there will to God's will. From there on Islam was appealing to new converts. In those days the Christian society was badly divided and young people were looking to put there belief and faith into something vital and Islam was that religion that had the glow to draw there attentions. First of all it was a democratic religion; people had free will to make free choices and free debate. They also tolerated other religion.

For instance, Muslims were enjoined to live by the divine law or "Shari' a" and have the right to have disputes settled by an arbiter of the Shari' a.

When a husband complained about his wife before the state appointed judge or quadi. The wife would get herself backed up by two other woman and point her finger at the husband proclaiming that he was in fault instead of she taking the blame.

Moreover , Islam appeal to new converts especially to Arabs for a lot of reason. Some of the reasons are; 1. It made Muhammad history a major religious figure and his followers God chosen people. 2. It was stable while the Christian society was in shambles. 3. Islamic social laws were comprehensive.

The ultimate attraction that was appealing to new converts was that Islam did not have no medial agents, "lack of priesthood". One will not find a pope or even a set of cardinals within Islam. As a result the belief...