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Asian Immigration Fact Sheet Migration also allows individuals to escape destitution, human rights abuses, and repressive regimes."

Facts Advantages Disadvantages

 One of the largest groups of immigrants to Australia comes from Asian countries

 In the early 1990s Asian immigration to Australia peaked: over half of the immigrants arriving here were from an Asian country.

 Asian culture has had one of the most visible impacts on mainstream Australian society.

 There are Asian restaurants throughout Australia, even in some remote towns.

 Asian food is also a regular part of the Australian diet, even in the private homes of non-Asian Australians.

 In cities it is no longer unusual for non-Asian Australians to be able to use chopsticks and all major Australian cities have a

 In fact, immigrants can actually generate more jobs. Many case studies show that immigrants have revitalized old dying industries such as shoe manufacturing, the garment manufacturing, and agriculture.

 Immigrants who work for low wages have helped to turn many of these industries around. These revitalized industries then create new positions for managers, professionals, and other workers.

 Immigrants also work in service sector jobs that allow middle class Australians to maintain their standard of living (In restaurants, hotels, personal services, construction, cleaning and

 Immigrants take away jobs from native workers. The main reasons why many immigrants work in low-paying jobs in the service sector is because Australian born workers don't want them.


 In addition, many cities and large towns throughout Australia have Asian temples and gardens.

 Some suburbs in big cities like Sydney have large Asian communities and schools and universities take in many students from Asian countries.

 However this state of affairs came about slowly and by the time Asian culture was...