Australian Car Manufacturing Industry

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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to analyze the car manufacturing industry in Australia and discuss the competitors using Porter's and Kotler's theories. Particularly, this report will discuss Ford Australia, and evaluate its strategy and discuss issues that Ford has already had and Ford could use to gain a competitive advantage in the future which will be related to Kanter's "New Wisdom" and Day and Wensley Framework.

1.2 Background

The car manufacturing industry in Australia has grown well in the past few years, with trend in Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) model. Thus, some car manufacturers start to focus on SUV such as Ford Australia has released Territory (SUV) in June 2004 which has gained success in the market and some issues will be discussed more in this report.

1.3 Scope

Because the car manufacturing industry in Australia can be seen in many perspectives, this report will only discuss the industry using Porter's Five Forces Model and the competitors using Kotler's market positioning classification, and also use Ford Australia to analyze its strategy and issues to compete in this industry.

1.4 Methodology

Types of data that were collected for this report include some textbooks/ hard copy, journal articles and some information from internet.

1.5 Assumption

This report assumed that all data that have been collected were true at the time of this report being written or at the time when the sources of data being written.

1.6 Plan

This report plans to discuss the car manufacturing industry generally and will be continued with discussion about Ford's strategies to compete, and also using value chain analysis to illustrate how they have implemented their chosen strategy and identify some issues that Ford have used and could use to gain a competitive advantage in the future.

2. Overview of the...