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Drug Trafficking in Mexico

Chanele Williams

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Drug Trafficking will continue to be an epidemic in Mexico unless stricter laws are enforced and police are reinstituted for law enforcement. For decades, Mexico has been going through a bloody drug war, that has to do with drug trafficking. The whole country has been affected badly by these Cartels' that run the drug trade. Mexico's government has tried many things to end this horrible war, such as militarization of law enforcement, legalization of drugs, ridding Mexico of old government, making a total democratic state, and tracking, then freezing money being passed through border from drug cartels. Drug trafficking in Mexico not only affects Mexico, but the bordering country near it. Due to the drug war in Mexico, the United States has taken precautions to keep itself safe and help better Mexico.

Drug trafficking is the sale and distribution of illegal drugs.

For decades, drug trafficking organizations used Mexico's political system to make an efficient way of corruption that ensured distribution rights, and even official government protection for drug traffickers. The fact that Cartels were able to do this is the key reason to why drug trafficking is such an epidemic in Mexico. Early ties between the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) and illegal traders began in the first half of the twentieth century, during Prohibition. By the end of World War II, the relationship between drug traffickers and the ruling party had solidified (O'Neil). It was not until the 1980's that Mexico's drug organizations actually had total domination over the drug trade (Drug War Facts). Mexico really became a huge drug trafficking country after the United States shut down Colombia's illegal drug trade.

Mexico is a major supplier of heroin to the U.S. market, and the largest supplier of methamphetamine...