Avoiding Discrimination in the workplace

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In the area of employment, the workforce over the last 30 has continued to evolve into a mixture of individuals with diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Due to the employment field changing so dramatically the employers have to protect themselves and educate all individuals within the workforce to avoid violating discrimination laws. Discrimination can take many forms. Although not conclusive, discrimination in the workforce because of sex, age, religion, race, national origin, and disability are all protected by federal, state and local government. This paper will illustrate some of the measures a company can use to comply with these laws and limit liability and the possibility of being sued.

Currently, employers are now facing many problems regarding drug use as it relates to disabilities. Employees who have completed or are currently enrolled in a drug treatment program are not necessarily excluded from protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There is a number of different ways a company can make reasonable accommodations due to a disability and or drug addiction.

One example is by having an employee policy in place that lets employees know of their rights and responsibilities. Part of this policy should be the requirement of employees to notify their employer if they consume or plan to consume prescribed or over the counter medication that can have the effect of impairing their job performance. Secondly, supervisors should be trained to identify symptoms of drug or alcohol use and or abuse, such as, slurred speech, dilated pupils, constant drinking due to dry mouth, excessive shaking, and the wearing of disproportionate clothing in times of warm weather. In the “Avoid Discrimination Simulation” the supervisor of a marketing company Marc Corrigan released an employee, Rod, for showing up for work under the influence of drugs. Marc states that “this is the...