Background History of Republic of China, Taiwan

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Republic of China, Taiwan is a small country located off the coast of China. Its history can be dated back to 5000 years ago with the immigration of the pacific islanders and Indonesians. These are now considered as Aborigines of Taiwan, in other words, the natives. This group of Aborigines was forced to abandon their rich plains and forced into the remote mountains of Taiwan in the late 1400s when the first group of Fujianese immigrants arrived from China. These Fujianese then claimed themselves as the true natives of Taiwan and thus the arrival of Taiwanese, which was formally known as the Fujian dialogue.

During these times, Taiwan was still under the regime of China; however it wasn't viewed as a important commodity but only as an rural island off the coast of China. This was then followed by the German invasion in 1624. The people of Taiwan didn't resist the Germans until the arrival of Cheng Chen Kung in 1661.

Cheng Chen Kung brought over 35,000 troops from China trying to escape the Ching's Dynasty and expelled the Germans from Taiwan. Cheng then spent the next 23 years in Taiwan trying to fight the Ching's Dynasty. Cheng finally failed in 1682, and Taiwan is now again under the ruling of China's Ching's Dynasty, and was pounced to be a part of the Fujian County. This was followed by a large wave of immigration of Fujianese to Taiwan.

In 1895, China was defeated by the Japanese and lost Taiwan to the hands of Japan. Before this, China has been ruling over Taiwan for more than 200 years. When the Japanese took over, they enforced the Japanese education over Taiwan; the Taiwanese were forced to learn Japanese and not their native language. Japan also builds railroads to export Taiwan's agriculture...