The Balance of Life; "The Chrysanthemums" by John Steinbeck

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In our everyday life, the physical part and metal part are equally important. However, sometimes we can not gain both of them in the same time or sometimes we keep our mind chasing for just one and forget the other. In both ways, I think we have to know the limitation in order to keep the balance of life.

In John Steinbeck' s short story, "The chrysanthemums", the main character is put into a situation of a poor family where the material things make a long distance between husband and wife. When the husband - Henry - is absorbed in earning money, his wife - Elisa - feels isolated and lonely. Both of them know that they have to earn as much money as possible to make a wealthy family. Elisa feels the problem in her family and in her life as well. She gradually feels that she needs some care and a look with respect from her husband.

As a sensitive woman, Elisa day by day realize that in her husband's eyes her image has been replaced by the worry of earning money. Therefore, she feels hurt and tries to protect herself in a sell from outside influence. That is because she is scared of the fact that her husband does not care, looks down on her and hurts her. The problem here is the lack of communication between them. They do not realize that they need time to talk, to understand each other and know what are his or her needs. She desires to be cared like the way she cares for her flowers. However, her husband does not know for he always think about making money. As a result, Elisa loses her confidence about the feminine beauty and herself as well. But, I think,