Ban Tobacco!

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Tobacco is Wacko

Tobacco companies have been misleading teens and adults for the past years in buying their harmful products. It is said that more than 12 million people have died from smoking-related diseases in the 40 years since the first surgeon general's report on smoking and health was released in 1964. Such a harmful product should not be sold to people throughout the world, but yet the industry is still making hundreds of millions of dollars. Adults and teens are the ones contributing to their earnings, but they don't see that they are actually just paying to get diseases and maybe even death.

Of course the leaders in the tobacco companies know what is happening to their customers, but they think it's their right to sell their products worldwide just to make money. Smoking is very common through out the world and everyone will be exposed to it a lot through out their lifetime rather you smoke or not.

Tobacco is the seventh largest cash crop in the U.S. It is grown on over 124,000 farms in 21 states, and sold to every state and put on shelves of almost every store. Tobacco was grown back in 6000 BC by the Native Americans and not until 1950 there was finally evidence of a link between lung cancer and smoking. After that, smoking has been a controversial issue and laws passed each year to satisfy the public that are against smoking, such as limiting tobacco ads, forcing cigarette packs to have warning labels, and smoking in public places weren't not allowed. A typical smoker spends about $700 a year on cigarette packs. No wonder why the tobacco companies make so much money, considering the number of smokers out there. There are also many lawsuit cases filed against the tobacco industry...