Bead Bar: Computer Network Design: Network Topology and Architecture

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Bead Bar: Computer Network DesignIntroductionThis essay will outline recommendations for the development of a high-level computer network design for the Bead Bar. The Bead Bar is a company that lets customers create their own bead jewelry. Customers sit at a bar to create their own necklaces, bracelets, and other custom jewelry. Bead Bar has three divisions which consist of:1. Studios2. Franchises3. Bead Bar on BoardThe Studio division keeps track of its six Bead Bar studios. There are two studios located in New York City; one studio is located on Long Island; one studio is located in Washington D.C., and the last studio is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The franchise division sells a bead package to any business wanting to own a bead bar studio. They also fulfill franchisees' supply requirements. There are five franchises located in:1. Kansas City, Missouri2. Chicago, Illinois3. Los Angeles, California4. Seattle, Washington5. Miami, FloridaThe Bead Bar on Board could almost be considered as a floating franchise.

The Bead Bar on Board is a special Bead Bar designed for cruise ships. The bar is portable and can be placed on deck or in a lounge.

Background InformationMeredith S., CEO and founder of Bead Bar, wants to shift the company to an electronically run business. Bead Bar has 15 full-time employees and approximately 20 part-time employees who work in the studios helping customers and running the cash register. Bead Bar is currently using Oracle 9i data base. This data base is an enterprise data base with the ability to handle data distribution. This database requires being linked to a telecommunications system and computer network. The company will benefit after the new computer network has been established.

Recommendation OverviewThe Bead Bar company needs a special level computer network system with a database that will help eliminate existing issues i.e.