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Would you believe someone if they told you, one band from Liverpool, England could change the way we felt about music, hair, fashion, and lifestyle? Well, the Beatles did just that. Listen and you will find how the Beatles were a big turning point in history.

The Beatles affected lots of families. Teenagers loved this new voice that was speaking out for teens across the U.S. Parents did not want their kids involved in this new phenomenon. Parents also didn't like that the Beatles took drugs, because it was a bad influence on their kids.

The Beatles' music was original, it had a strong beat, and a collective musical taste. This kept the Beatles apart from other bands. When the Beatles first got into the recording studio they were nervous, but they worked hard and got better every day.

The Beatles had mop top hairdos, which made other boys grow their hair long, in the mop top fashion.

The Beatles wore leather jackets and clean-cut dark suits and ties. Many people, mostly boys, followed this fashion trend. This changed how Americans felt about the clothes they wore.

The Beatles unleashed joy and excitement in a new generation. The Beatles only lasted ten years, but their songs and ideas impacted everyone. The Beatles changed music, lifestyle, hairstyle, clothing styles, culture and attitude and made them all a turning point in history in one way or another.

Before the Beatles, some styles of music were country, opera and bluegrass. The Beach Boys style was a series of surf music. The Beatles would later make a turning point in history by changing the style to rock and roll, pop and rhythm 'n' blues.

Before the Beatles, families followed a very traditional life. Parents taught their kids about middle class values. Including teaching them...