Beau Geste, Gr.12 History Independant Assignment.

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Bibliographical Information:

Wren, P.C. (Percival Christopher), Beau Geste, Great Britain: Kent Chatham, 1994, pp.339.

Book Summary:

Beau Geste is a romantic adventure set in the searing heat of the Sahara Desert. The story concerns the Geste brothers who disappear from England to avoid scandal and become members of the French Foreign Legion, include brotherly loyalty, patriotic honor, self-sacrifice, and treachery. Beau Geste was the subject of a famous film starring Gary Cooper and Ray Milland in 1939. Although it is a fiction book, it gives readers a convincing account of life in the French Foreign Legion, complete with the boredom endured by soldieries since the invention of armies, the loyalties of the legionnaries and the Sahara desert.

Critical Review:

After, reading many reviews over the Internet. I gained a better understanding of this novel, surprisingly I was impressed by the individuals who proclaimed that "Beau Geste is a classic book of its kind".

Therefore, I had no doubt in selecting this novel. The French Foreign Legion is revealed to us gradually so that we are kept guessing as to what will happen next.

A bit slow in the beginning, in which the characters seem to grow on the reader. I was pleasantly pleased as the plot developed between the brothers as they seemed to mature more as the book went on. When you first meet them in Beau Geste everyone comes across as if they were teenagers but within a couple of days after when the brothers join the legend you find out that they are all in their early 20s. The time in the legend seems longer too like almost 4 years but at the end of the story it's about half as long as that. The novel really starts to pick up somewhere after page 100...