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Political Science 110 November 20, 2001 My Plan for the Presidency The office of President of the United States is one of the most powerful political offices in the world. To become president a candidate must win an election, which requires the support of the electorate. When I run for president, I will most likely run as a Republican, which means most of my votes, will come from traditional Republican supporters. First would be rural and suburban voters, because of their support for property. My supporters would probably also be Christian because protestants tend to vote Republican, but I may be able to pull some catholic votes due to the fact that I?m catholic. My voters would tend to be middle and upper class because of their lack of support for large welfare programs. Traditionally Republicans tend to be white and male so I would probably get support from these groups.

Businessmen would also support me because of Republican economic practices. These would be my main supporters in addition to the ones that agree with my personal stance on different issues.

The road to the presidency is a long one and many things are necessary to get that far. First a college education would help a great deal considering only one president in the 20th century did not have one. Second I would start off in a local office like city council or mayor to get election and office experience. Next I would work my way up to state legislature and maybe even the governor?s mansion. I would have to make a name for myself nationwide so I would run for congress and also gain experience on the national level. This gives me the political experience necessary to become president.

Political experience is not the only helpful attribute. Military experience also greatly helps a candidate because it shows that he is willing to defend the country he wants to lead. Also it makes him a more respected commander-in-chief. I have enlisted in the Marine Corps and will attend boot camp starting in May. After graduating college I will hopefully become an officer. This would give me experience making the kind of decisions a president has to make.

All the experience in the world does not help if I do not run, so next I will discuss my campaign. After announcing my candidacy I must make myself a desirable candidate to the Republican Party. I will visit many Republican strongholds throughout the nation making speeches and convincing Republicans that I am the best for the job and could win the general election. After wining the primary, I will attend the Republican national convention and rally my party behind me. Next I will turn my attention to all voting Americans and tell them my stance on the issues and why I am qualified to be president. I will participate in the debates, even debates with third party candidates because while I may not agree with their views, it is a free election and voters have a right to see all candidates. If everything goes well and the American voters want me as their president I will make it to the White House.