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Critical Analysis Assessment

Becoming a self-regulated Learner: An overview

Title Zimmerman, B.J., 2002, 'Becoming a Self-Regulated Learner: An Overview', Theory Into Practice, vol. 41, no.2, pp. 64-70.

Topic The main idea in this article is to show how self-regulated learning would be beneficial to academic success. It describes the functions of self-regulatory processes and how students can benefit from learning on their own.

Context It is evident from the other cited work like Self regulated learning and academic achievement: Theoretical perspectives (Zimmerman and Schunk, 2001), that this is in fact a field of study that has been taken note of previously, and has been extensively researched upon. This article is particularly beneficial in all disciplines of learning. The topic is fundamentally based on self-regulated learning and has been not only subjected to education but as mentioned by the author on p.66 would be of great importance in the work environment as well. This article is relevant to Educational studies, Business Studies, and Technology and overall can be applied to any field of work since learning is a process that everyone goes through. It has been cited by various other journals in the fields of Behavioral, Psychological, and Mathematical studies amongst others.

The journal Theory Into Practice in which this article is published in started in 1962. It is a nationally recognized, peer- reviewed journal that features multiple perspectives and scholarly, discussions of important issues in education. It's main focus is learning, teaching and personal development. Other articles, with similar themes in relation to education and learning are published here.

Structure This is an article in an academic journal that uses a formal structure. The introduction gives an example of a student who doesn't have any learning strategies and considers studying as anxiety provoking. It then goes on to introduce self-regulation...