A Behaviour modification programme developed for a child who has motivational problems when getting up in the morning

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Ethical Issues to be considered:

The child selected to participate in this programme is that of Rick and Jane who are close friends of my family. Rick and Jane readily agreed to take part in this project out of concern for their daughter Chloe. However there were some initial concerns with regards to the closeness of our families that first needed to be considered. Specifically in relation to the possibility of any ill feelings that may arise if the plan failed, or if Jane or Rick considered any part of the programme to be unfair or too hard on Chloe. Rick, Jane and I met before the intervention model was even planned to discuss these issues, how we would deal with these problems should they arise, and any other concerns that they may have. As a result it was agreed to be completely open and honest at all times about how Rick and Jane feel about all aspects of this programme and as to Chloe's progress.

The treatment plan was purposefully kept simple due to the fact that I am a student and should not attempt anything too complicated which could prove, albeit unintentionally, detrimental to Chloe. The chosen steps for altering Chloe's behaviour had also been successfully trialed by myself a number of years ago when one of my own children had been having the same sort of motivational problems. For this reason this plan was considered a safe and effective method to undertake with minimal risks involved.

Rick and Jane also gave their written consent agreeing to Chloe's involvement and all the details of this plan and Chloe's progress being written up into a report and submitted as an assignment, (Appendix A).

Name: Chloe Williams Sex: F

Age: 7 years

Chloe is one of eight children, she has...