Being A Socialist

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Being a socialist, one might come up to me after living routinely in their United States capitalist society and say, "You know, man, something has got to be wrong with socialism. I mean, nobody tries to actually do anything better than average as a socialist. They're already perfectly taken care of so they just sit there and they don't have to work for anything." To this I have but a few things to say: First off, it must be purely a matter of opinion on whether or not it socialism is their ideal type of society. If they're already perfectly taken care of in their perfect socialist society, then no striving to compete for more money to take care of oneself is needed. Everything a human being needs is already there for him. It's a Utopia.

This is the perfect society because when everybody is taken care of, everyone is free to do as they want.

Free to create whatever they want with enough money given to them to do so. Free to live within the comfortable knowledge that they do not have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. As I've said before, socialism is a utopia. It is a perfect society in which everyone is taken care of and the status of "poor" does not exist. Where everyone is fed and clothed and children do not go hungry because they can't pay for their next meal. With Socialism, you have nothing to worry about. What could be greater?