"Bend it like Beckham" Essay

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"Bend it like Beckham" Essay

The movie, "Bend it like Beckham", is not only about a girl wanting to be a soccer player, it is also about cultural geography. In this movie, cultural geography plays a big role. Everything about it has to do with where they are from and what there culture is like. All aspects of these things play a part in this movie.

This movie takes place in the country of England. The main girl in the story though is Indian. Her family migrated from India, along with others in there community. Although an Indian, her father was from Nairobi, a city in Kenya, Africa.

There were many inter generational changes happening. The older of the two daughters was a lot more traditional than the other. She would dress in more traditional clothing, and do a lot more Indian things. One major thing she was doing was getting married to and Indian man at a young age.

The non traditional daughter would go against her family's believes. One thing she would do was show the skin of her legs in public. This was one of many things she did that was not acceptable in their Indian culture.

There was a major sexuality difference between the two cultures. The white English people were completely against gay and lesbian people. They wanted there daughter to have nothing to do with a lesbian girl. The older generation of Indian people didn't really know what a gay or lesbian person was. That was a major difference between the two cultures, sexually at least.

In the movie, this Indian girl wanted to get together with her white, Irish coach. Something of that sort is not tolerated by the family or religion of her Indian culture. Indian...