The benefits of cloning

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The Benefits of Cloning

Cloning involves taking a cell from a living organism and using it to create another organism with the same genetic coding. The alarming state of diseases, mutations, infertility and extinctions is on the increase, yet there is a way to alter, slow or stop these calamities, responsible use of cloning is a mechanism through which these problems could be eradicated. One way cloning could be of benefit, is to clone humans, which is known as human cloning . This type of cloning would benefit infertile couples. "A human clone is a time delayed identical twin of another person, as identical twins, the clone and the original person will have different fingerprints"(George page 4). Therefore, sterile couples would be able to have children from their own undamaged eggs and sperms. This aspect of cloning would help fortify relationships and reduce the rate of divorce in the society.

Another positive use of cloning would be to restore plants, and animals that are becoming extinct.(Guynup Par 4). This aspect of cloning would help improve the ecosystem, which is a system formed by the interaction of plants and animals which is necessary to sustain life. Cloning could help those that are bereaved, people who have lost loved ones or pets dearest to them, and have their genes saved, could clone identical organisms. Another benefit of cloning is called therapeutic cloning, which enables the creation of steam cells. These cells are multifunction that can be transplanted to act like other cells, such as brain cells, spinal cord, liver cells, etc., since it is a clone the steam cell will be identical to the original cells or organs. Subsequently, the long list of patients waiting for organ transfer would reduce tremendously. It would also make the society become healthy. In conclusion,