Benefits of Slavery: A pro slavery essay from a southern plantation owner's point of view in the time of the civil war.

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Benefits of Slavery

We have been given many bounties, one of which happens to be slavery, in order to enjoy our life properly. For hundreds of years, these slaves were used to assist people around the world with their chores, jobs, and other thing of that sort. Slaves have been helping mankind numerous ways, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. There are three main reasons the use of slaves has been so wide spread.

The first reason I would like to introduce you to is how slaves save you money. Slaves aren't like free laborers. They don't take salary, you give them some firewood and a shack to live in rather than a room of your own house and an oven, and they will accept any food you give them compared to a spoiled salary taking worker. That's about a 65% savings. With this money you can take care of your family, and buy more food.

It is necessary to have this type of an advantage because with the Civil War approaching and people fighting for slaves' freedom you must have all the preparation you can get.

Another important reason is that you can have more time with your family. How is this you ask? Well getting assistance on your farm and help around the house, you will have more time in the day to spend with the people that matter to you. Now you see that we need slaves for more than just doing tasks, they are needed for our family's sake also.

Finally, we must realize that we simply need help with out daily chores. With cotton being America's number one export, and a single man being able to pick only so much, we can use all the help we can get. Because of us bringing the...