the betrayed florida panther

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Michael Hicks

Professor Dunn

ENC 1101-02

June 18, 2014


The Betrayed Florida Panther

Since the early 1900's the Florida Panther has been a resident of the state of Florida. As

the population of Florida Began to grow the panther habitat began to disappear. With the

Panthers natural habitat diminishing the new residents began to notice the majestic cats and that

is what almost leads to the Florida Panthers eradication. These majestic creatures roamed the

woodlands and swamps of Florida to avoid contact with humans. Florida Panthers are very

solitary creatures and according to ("Jim Bob Tinsley"). These big cats are a vital part of the

ecological balance in the wild. In 1958 the Florida Panther had to be put on the "Protected

Animal List" due to the reckless hunting of the animal. From that time to the present more than

4000 panthers have been killed by the hands of man and habitat loss. It would seem that this

beautiful creature has been betrayed by the very state that vowed to protect it.

The Florida Panther was so wide spread in populous that it had many multiple sub-

species that varied based on location throughout Florida and its surrounding states. By the 1920's

the panther had been completely wiped out of the other states due to people's ignorance and fear.

People feared the big cat not because it was a threat to human life, but to their livestock, and so


the majestic cats were almost wiped of the face of the earth over a few chickens and some cattle.

Game Commissioner "D.C. Jones" of Naples Florida led the movement in 1958 to protect the

majestic Florida Panther. In 1959 partial protection was given to the panther as an endangered

species. According to (FWC) after the...