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To be a hero in the eyes of someone today you have to have a special quality about you. Beowulf had characteristics about him that were very unique, but very different from a hero of today. The characteristics that Beowulf had were things such as chivalry, brute strength, mental toughness, and a boastful attitude. The hero's of today share some of these qualities, but many are also different.

Beowulf was one of these leaders that have superhuman strengths, he has mental toughness that is above everyone, he has this attitude that makes him better than everyone else, but also keeps the women and children safe. These are the characteristics of a medieval hero. These heroes's are in some ways like the hero's of today. A hero in recent times may be strong, mentally tough, and always has time to give to the children. A hero in either time period had control of many people that either work for him or train with him such as other knights, or other players on his team.

Characteristics in these heroes can also differ greatly. The boastful and bragging attitude that Beowulf had would not be a quality of a hero in today's eyes. A hero today would be solemn, kind, and peaceful, not like the time period of Beowulf where the high horse attitude was the best. Also the heroes of today also have qualities that are realistic. A hero today might be a professional athlete, who has skills above the rest in his field. There is one exception to my opinion though. The characteristics shown by Beowulf are almost like professional wrestling. This is the sport or job that I can say would have almost the same qualities as Beowulf, just not to the same...