Biography of Aaron Ralston, a survivor story

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Aaron Ralston

It was either an arm, or death, and Aaron Ralston chose to live, that day in April. In 2003 Aaron had taken a hiking trip, alone in the mountains in the Blue John Canyon in Utah. It wasn't his first hiking trip, nor the last, Ralston really enjoys the outdoors.

In order to survive his incident that day on his hiking trip, Ralston had to cut off his own arm. While climbing down a rocky part of the mountain, a section similar to what he had already done a couple times, a bolder unfortunately slipped from beneath him sending him falling and leaving his arm trapped under a bolder of about 800 pounds. After 5 long days, with little to eat, and long hours trying to free himself, he knew trying to move the

bolder would be impossible. He eventually realized, after many hours of thinking, that the only way out of this situation would be to die, or survive but break and cut off his own arm.

So that's exactly what Ralston did, after he had pulled his arm so far out to one side, it simply snapped, just like a cap gun sound, he then cut his own flesh, his nerves, and muscles, with a dull pocket knife to release himself from the bolder. He told reporters that he could feel every bit of pain, and the worse part was breaking the bone and cutting the nerves, but it had to be done. He had not thought of surviving this situation, he had even written his own tombstone on the rock behind him. Cutting his own arm was his last resort. After he miraculously and courageously freed himself, there was still the matter of getting back to

safety. He had climb everything he had done to...