A Biography of Adolf Hitler

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A Biography of Hitler's Early Life

Task: Research the life of Adolf Hitler up to 1934. Write a biography of Hitler's early life.

Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 in Braunau, Austria. He was his parents' fourth child. Two of his brothers/sisters had died from diphtheria when they were children and one died shortly after he/she was born. His mother and father were Klara Hitler and Alois Schickelgruber. His mother showered Adolf with love and affection. His father who was a customs official showed little emotion towards his son.

When Adolf was three years old, he moved to Passau, Germany with the rest of his family. His brother, Edmond, was born two years later. The family moved again in 1895 to the Hafeld, a village which was 30 miles Southwest of Linz, Germany. His sister, Paula, was born in 1896, the sixth child of Adolf's parents.

In his family was also a half brother and half sister from one of his father's previous marriages.

After another move, for six months, Adolf lived opposite a large Benedictine Monastery. On the coat of arms, which belonged to the monastery, was a swastika. Which was later to become the main symbol of the Nazi party. Whilst he was young, Adolf wanted to enter the priesthood.

There were rumours that Adolf's father regularly beat him whilst he was young. The young Adolf proved to be a talented, This first surfaced in 1900. He did well in school and his father persuaded him to enrol in a technical and scientific Realschule, he did not do very well here. Hitler stayed there until 1905, He left here when he was 16 due to ill health. He had many lung infections, resulting in bad schoolwork. He was not the only one in...