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Elie Wiesel's life has not been very easy for him, but he manages to move on, and try his hardest to make the world a better place. He has written many books, and has founded many organizations helping as much as possible. Elie has become a well know person in his writing, as well as his speaking, and leadership. He has a light in him that many people can see, and it never seems to burn out. People admire that about him. He is a strong, dedicated, creative man, both in himself and in his writing.

Elie was born in 1928 in Sighet, Transylvania to a small Jewish family. When he was sixteen years old, him and his family where taken to Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Poland. After about three months, he and his father were transferred to Buchenwald, another camp. They were liberated in 1945 by US soldiers.

Soon before that, his father died of hunger. The only survivors from Elie's family were he and his two older sisters. Though he had gone through many hardships, he still seemed to get on with life, and use his experiences to tell about what had happened at that time. His strength and courage got him through the tough times and helped him find himself and the people he needed most.

After he was free again, Elie attended Sorbonne, at which he studied philosophy and literature from 1948 to 1951. Seven years after finishing his education, he moved to the US. He was not able to receive citizenship until two years later. In 1969, Elie married Ester Rose. Ever since 1976, he has been known as Andrew W. Mellon. Though he changed his name, he is still known today as Elie Wiesel.

Award winning seemed to come natural to Elie. He...