Biography of George Washington

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George Washington

The founding fathers, Adams, Washington, Madison, and Jefferson all have had an immense impact on the United States. Although all of them have done many great things, the one president that really sticks out for doing great things is George Washington. Washington took many great domestic polices and actions. He also had many superior foreign actions. Lastly, he was an honest character. George Washington took many remarkable actions to help the United States become a great country.

First of all, Washington took some good domestic actions. He issued a national bank, which turned out to be a great idea. Washington decided to pay the debts of the state to help them out. He also issued tariffs on imports, which became one of the main sources of wealth for America. Washington enforced the law strictly as well. As soon as the Whiskey Rebellion began, Washington quickly took action and put them down with the army.

Being the first president, he took some nifty domestic actions.

Secondly, Washington took many great foreign actions. He believed in neutrality, which was the best thing for the United States at that point in time. If he sided with France, he knew that the British would stop trading with them, and that would bring down the economy of the US significantly. If he sided with the British, he knew that it would cause future problems with them, so he decided to stay in the middle to prevent any type of infraction with any of the countries. His beliefs of neutrality helped him become the best president.

Overall, Washington was a good person. He was honest and had much truthfulness. He never went behind anyone's back and did anything to hurt them like Jefferson did. Jefferson went and trained Edmond Genet to go...