Biography of Gustav Klimt

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Biography of Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt lived from 1862 to 1928. He was born on July 14th of 1862. His parents were vagabonds, Ernst Klimt was his father and Anna Klimt (born as Finster) was his mother. Gustav was their second child.

At the age of 14 he got a scholarship for the "Kunstgewerbeschule" (artwork school) in Vienna. He studies at his school until he is 21. Originally his parents and he himself paned for him to become a drawing teacher but Professor Ferdinand Laufberger realized that Gustav was a great talent.

So he, his brother, he went to the same school, and Franz Matsch, their business partner, got their first jobs in 1880. Until 1883 they painted ceilings and decorated in Vienna Karlsbad and Reichenberg. They moved to their first atelier in1883. While they still had work in the Bukarester theatre they also designed the ceiling in Empress Elisabeth mansion.

They worked on the castle theatre in Vienna; Gustav concentrated on monumental painting at this jobsite. After they finished their work at the theatre they got a "Verdienstkreutz fuer Kunst" (owning cross for art) from the emperor.

After all Gustav needed a break and decided to get new thoughts and impressions wile traveling. So he traveled through Europe he visited Venice and Munich. That was in 1889. From 1890-1900 he really started searching for a new style. He divided himself of from the traditional sty; of painting.

He became a member of the "Genossenschaft bildender Kunste Wiens" (kind of: Organization of building art of Vienna). With that step he put himself between the old and the novelty of art. Also in 1891 he meets his life love and way partner Emilie Floge. They had a pretty good relationship even though Klimts many illegitimate children showed that he had many...